piazza san gimignano

Festival di San Gimignano

Festival of music, theater and cinema in one of the most beautiful medieval town in Tuscany.

E 'a celebration that is being pursued since the twenties, and since then has always been celebrated in the period of July and August with a series of classical concerts, theater and cinema. In years past, there are great and the music of Italian opera in general: Galliano Masini, Mario Del Monaco, Gino Bechi, Forzano Giovacchino and Iris Adami Corradetti.

During the festival of San Gimignano, the tourist has the opportunity to hear tracks from Tosca and the soundtrack for "A Fistful of Dollars" by Ennio Morricone, not least the beautiful Italian folk songs including "La canzone del Grappa" done nothing less than by Philharmonic G. Puccini.

The highlight of the event is reached with the outdoor opera concert in the square the Cathedral, all in a festive atmosphere giososo and reads like the poster advertising that urges to "wear the dress of the feast" and "sing in the company."