The Fencing in Siena

The Dodge was born in Siena in early'900 thanks to a section of Polisportiva "Mens Sana." Following the Academy was founded in weapons under the guidance of master Henry Barbera: from 1924 onwards began the long tradition of the Sienese school of fencing, famous throughout the country and internationally.

But the turning point occurs between 1967-68, thanks to the birth of Section Fencing Center University Sports under the guidance of master Roger D'Argenio: the growing discipline of quality and reputation, and from there to just get the first real results in the international field.

Many are students who have brought high the name of the Sienese school of Fencing, first of all David Burroni, world champion winner of the Universiade, joined the national team of sword during the world championships in Seoul (1999).

For all fans of this wonderful sport, we listed the plants where you can pull of fencing in peace, in a healthy environment involving.

Fencing circle UISP Siena
Viale Avignon, 10 53100 Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 429 95

CUS Siena
Via Banchi, 3 53100 Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 523 41