colline senesi

The territory of the Province of Siena

Siena is nestled in a hilly landscape purely in the area of Chianti, bathed by rivers Arbia, Merse and Elsa.

Characterized by a thick web of narrow streets, palaces and towers, the city has preserved its medieval flavor surrounded by the majestic walls that surround it. They're setting the hills of Chianti to the north-east, leading to Florence, Montagnola west, with its woods and Mediterranean bush. A south-east instead conquer the lunar south of the Crete Senesi.

General Information

  • Resident Population: 54,498

  • Density per sq km: 447

  • Number Families: 22,275

  • Number of Rooms: 25,851

  • Heading Population: Siena

  • Patron saint: St. Augustine

  • Party Patron: Dec. 1

To enjoy the rugged beauty of the Sienese territory, you have to focus on Crete Senesi, a landscape of metaphysical beauty characterized by typical undulations clayey eroded by weather events combined with houses scattered here and the citizens of the villages.

A good observation point to enjoy this landscape combined with the surrounding vegetation is the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, almost to represent an oasis of pure and superb mysticism. It seems that nature has had the better man, allowing only a few construction between the small villages that arise perched on the hills.