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The Province of Siena

Siena is located in a complex of art and culture unprecedented, thanks to Siena School who, with his imprint Gothic and Byzantine Eastern and references, has reshaped the city in all its aspects, making it unique and wonderful, with its frescoes, its paintings and sculptures.

The city of Siena was the first Italian town close to the city traffic in the city center, thereby preserving flawlessly the artistic beauty that bloom in the city.

The tourist has the opportunity to get lost in the architectural and artistic, from Piazza del Duomo, passing through Porta San Marco until you get to Piazza del Campo .
There are many routes to follow between art and nature to discover breathtaking views.

The province of Siena, consists of 36 municipalities in the green of Tuscany, it is located in the typical area of Chianti, with a succession of gentle rolling hills covered with vineyards, mountains and woods full of chestnut trees, pines and cypresses.

The environment surrounding the adjacent areas of the city of Siena is ideal for those who want to enjoy a nice relaxing holiday and adventure, thanks to the many paths and hiking trails through the park.
Siena is dislocated in a strategic position, by its very nature-oriented tourism and for those who want to do business.

On the outskirts of Siena you can follow various wine and food tours, among shops and castles in Roads Chianti : one of the most beautiful and evocative of Italy. Many structures are organized to encourage and advise the best tourists in every single aspect of his vacation.

Particularly impressive is the medieval village of San Gusmè, in the province of Siena, with its narrow streets, its narrow streets and scents of Tuscan cuisine , enjoy excellent natural landscapes and great local cuisine in the restaurant-tavern principal.

Arriving in the city in the period from July 2 to August 16, certainly can not miss the most important event of the town: the Palio , Siena which made ??famous throughout the world for the uniqueness and particularity of the event.

San Gusmano