The Feast of the Palio di Siena

Feast of the Palio di Siena For tourists who visit Siena in the days ranging from July 29 to August 16, we can not fail to mention this extraordinary celebration centennial, the animation and felt deeply in the hearts of the people of Siena.

At the sound of the bell of the Torre del Mangia, the city wakes up and starts the party, heard an outcry from compliance with the crowd makes this event unique in the world. In the early hours of the morning session Siena seems to be back 1,000 years, roads, alleys, the people, everyone has an unmistakable flavor, violently magical.


"From the tower falls on a sound bronze:
The parade continues between drums replied that
for the glory of quarters ....
... And the wonder that invades the shell of
Campo ... "

Eugenio Montale, Palio, 1939

We advise you to get to Siena in the morning, for fully enjoy the atmosphere magic, chivalry and popular that you breathe. Contrada parades and events make the expectation of the Palio more euphoric and full of emotions, increasing fever and the curiosity of the race.

Admire the parade before the race, listen to musicians and lift your gaze to the sky towards the flags run with strength and dropped the second precise choreography, there breath away. A large sense chivalrous accompanies the moments before the race itself, which according to tradition ends after 3 laps of the Piazza del Campo on a track of colored tuff by jockeys on horseback. The race was won by the horse, with or without a jockey must first complete 3 laps.

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