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Museums and exhibitions in Siena

A section devoted to art and culture, where to find useful information about museums and their exhibitions more important. The city of Siena is pleased to offer to tourists and its citizens a number of opportunities to know more closely the history and culture of the community of Siena.

In museums, churches and squares can be admired some of the most sought and elegant examples of painting and sculpture of the Romanesque, Gothic and pre-Renaissance. We are pleased to offer a list of museums and historic buildings more attractive.

We recommend buying a pass or ticket cumulative to access multiple sites. Siena offers different that you can buy in any museum.

Body of the cathedral
  1. pass 1: you can enter the Museo dell'Opera, the baptistery and Piccolomini Library:7.50
  2. pass 2: Adds more all'Oratorio the visit of San Bernardo, Diocesiano Museum and the Church of St. Augustine:9.50
Body of civic museums
  1. pass 1: namely two days, you can go to the Museum (not the Torre del Mangia), Santa Maria della Scala, Palazzo delle Papesse:9.00

Museo Civico

Inside the Palazzo Comunale, the museum exhibits some of the finest masterpieces of the Sienese school. They can be admired the extraordinary frescoes in the Map Room and the Room of Peace. Going on the Torre del Mangia, you can enjoy a wonderful and evocative landscape, with views directly on the Piazza del Campo and villages that surrounded the town.

Address: Palazzo Comunale, Via Il Campo, 1
Tel / Fax: 0577 292 226
Site Internet:

Pinacoteca Nazionale

Inaugurated in 1932 the seat of palaces and Brigici Buonsignori, boasts one of the most important collections of Italian paintings at the bottom of the gold'300 and'400 Siena.
You can admire masterpieces by Duccio di Buoninsegna, Simone Martini, Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti and many other Sienese school.

Address: Palazzo Buonsignori, Via di S. Peter, 29
Tel: 0577 281 161 or 0577 286 143
Fax: 0577 270 508

Herbarium and Botanical Gardens

Located inside the historic walls of Siena stretches over an area of 2.5 hectares. His position, exposed to West, has a particular scientific value: it allows the storage of various types of plant species, the dwarf palm and the beech trees.

The herbarium is a structure dating back to 1856, and collects inside as well 80,000 dried specimens of fungi, vascular plants, algae, mosses, lichens and liver.
These facilities each year attract many Italian and foreign groups. You can visit the Botanical Gardens and Herbarium on reservation for a pleasant and interesting tour.

Address: Via Pier Andrea Mattioli, 4
Tel: 0577 234 509 or 0577 235 407

Palazzo Piccolomini

Also known as the Papesse, was probably designed by Bernardo Rossellino, built in the late fifteenth from PP Porrina consists of a coating to bugne smooth and a large cornice. It houses the archive of old documents containing state among which include the boards of Biccherna, precious boxes of public records dating to the thirteenth-seventeenth century decorated by famous painters: Lorenzetti, Vecchietta, the