Cinema in Siena

Cinema Alexander VII

Cineforum hosts Siena, born in 1963 as a center of film culture. In 1973 it was completely renovated, moving quickly to the transmission of auteur cinema and, with the restoration occurred in 2000 and has since become an obligatory destination for all lovers of cinema d'essai.
Piazza dell'Abbadia, Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 283 044

Nuovo Cinema Pendola

Built in 1980 is distinguished from the beginning for the quality of film copyright transmitted. Even today it is confirmed as one of the best programming of exhibitors author of the Sienese territory. They organized exhibitions of movies in their original language courses on the history of cinema and the language of film. During the summer are 2 screens set up secondary Cinema In Fortress in June and July; Arena Cinema Summer Orti of Tolomei during July and August.
Via San Quirico, Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 430 12

Cinema Metropolitan

One of the few cinemas open throughout the summer, forward-quality films with good audio / video
Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 17 Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 471 09

Cinema Fiamma

Via Pantano, 141 Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 284 503

Cinema Empire

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 14 Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 482 60

Modern Cinema

Via Calzoleria, 44 Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 289 201

In cinema Fortress

Amphitheater of the Medici fortress, Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 430 12

Cinema Under the Stars Orti di Tolomei

Via Sant'Agata, Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 430 12

Odeon Cinema

Banchi di Sopra, 31 Siena (SI)
Tel. 0577 429 76