Bars, shops and Yogurterie Siena

Siena also offers moments of leisure and opportunity to relax with a good ice cream or a good coffee. Here we list some of the Bar, Ice Cream or Yogurterie where you can relax after a day devoted to sightseeing, and why not know the sympathy and warmth of the citizens of Siena, always available and great company.

Old Bar Sghenghero
Via di Città, 13 53100 Siena

The Ice Cream Bar Costarelle
Via di Città, 31 53100 Siena

The sandwich bar Bargello
Via di Città, 55 53100 Siena

The Old Bar Lizza
Piazza Gramsci, 10 53100 Siena

Old Coffee Ortensia
Via Pantaneto, 95 53100 Siena

Bar 4002
Viale Europa, 27 53100 Siena

Bar Botteganova
Chiantigiana Strada, 35 53100 Siena

Gelateria Bibo
Banchi di Sotto, Siena 63053100

Chill Ice Cream
Via dei Pellegrini, 1 / 3 53100 Siena

Gelateria Caribia
Via Rinaldini, 13 53100 Siena

Gelateria Kopakabana
Via dei Rossi, 52 53100 Siena