La Cucina Senese

The Sienese cuisine stems from a poor preparation but rich in flavor, thanks to remarkable herbs like garlic, tarragon and nipitella, combined with excellent Campagnoli products such as olive oil of the surrounding mountains, the flesh and the famous quinine wine of the Colli Senesi.

Typical products senesi

  • Olive oil
  • Wine
  • Buristo
  • Soppressata
  • Finocchiona
  • Pecorino of clays
  • Cavallucci
  • Pan co 'Santi
  • Panforte
  • Panpepato
  • Ricciarelli

In order to fully enjoy the specialties of the typical products of Siena, we recommend you try at least once a food of excellent restaurants in the city, thanks to rich meats, cheeses and excellent wines of high quality, you will fully enjoy your days holiday in an atmosphere of hospitality and kindness, surrounded from rustic and home environments.


Siena has always been distinguished for the great variety of cakes and biscuits dry thanks to a tradition handed down since the Middle Ages.
Strength of traditional sweets is panforte Sienna has always considered the typical sweet of the festivities, made with honey, walnuts, almonds and various spices. Other sweets noteworthy are certainly the ricciarelli, cookies made with almond paste.