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The Province of Chianti

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Castellina in Chianti

Situated on top of a hill about 15 km south of Panzano, is Castellina in Chianti, once on the face of continuing wars between Florence and Siena.
Features attractions of this wonderful city are the walls, the fortress and the picturesque Via delle Volte, a kind of underground conduit that leads eastward from beneath the country.

A witness to its origins are even more remote ruins Etruscan that can be admired in 'hypogeum Montecalvario of Etruscan, 10 minutes from the country.
On the main street of the town rises instead of an electric power cooperative winery, indicating the main interest of the country and the economy: wine and olive oil production, all products that can be bought in well-Bottega del Gallo wine Black.

Gaiole in Chianti

This is a vibrant commercial city, the main points of interest are the castle Vertine located about 3 km west of the country, and the fortified town of Barbischio, located on a road heading to the east.
Also in the area can continue to Strada dei Castelli: a journey full of castles and forts to visit.

For the tasting wine recommend a visit all'Enoteca Montagnani, very well, or directly to the cooperative winery, which offers excellent tasting.

Castello di Brolio

South of Gaiole and immediately after the village of Brolio is Brolio Castle, a structure that once was owned by the Ricasoli, one of the pioneer families of local wine tradition. Inside you can visit the rooms stay and enjoy the huge wine of the estate of Castello di Brolio with tasty dishes Local.

Radda in Chianti

It was the capital of the League of Chianti, where the eye jumps more than ever the impression that the period: the charm of the municipal palace frescoes and storm shields on the front, a church in higher position, make the core Piazza Ferrucci history of this tiny town.
To enjoy a good wine and enjoy a breathtaking panorama recommend the restaurant Le Vigne, on the road between Villa to Radda in Chianti and Radda.