AC Siena Football - from its origins to the present day

Founded in 1904 by a division of S. S. Mens sana in corpore sano "in the new" Studio and Entertainment Company, is dedicated mainly to running, the gym and cycling. E 'only in 1908 that football comes to Siena and was founded the "S. S. Robur."

The people of Siena falls in love immediately to the new realities Football local, and in 1920 participated in the first regional championship Tuscan concluding immediately with a victory.

In the'30s the team Sienna is proving one of the most advanced football in Tuscany, and in 1933-34 dispute his first championship series C changing the corporate name "A. C. Siena".

The years of defeat: the B remains a dream

The debut takes place in Serie B on September 15 1935, but will of a championship always lived in the bottom of the ranking followed by an inevitable return to series C after beautiful as useless 4-0 victory against Atalanta.

After two seasons in military C series, the Siena celebrates its return to the top category at the end of the 1937-38 season and stay here until the interruption of the championships due to entry into the war in conflicts of the Second World War.

On 8 December 1938 was inaugurated the stadium "Rino Dauss" Today "Artemio Franchi." L
In the 1945-46 championship Siena participate in the championship mixed A / B, the Company will remain in Serie B until the end of the 1947-48 season, when he returned in the C series after the restructuring of the championships.

Begin a black period for Siena, which sink in series D in 1951-52. , to the great determination and the desire to promote bring the toscana Company to victory of its series D round of 1954-55, but losing a match in the final stages of the tournament against Colliferro.
The following year was the turning point: win the title of Campione d'Italia to Category beating in the final stages for the Reggiana 3-1.

50-90 years: between series C and D

The years ranging from 1956 to 1959 saw the military constantly in Siena series C, when in season 1958-59 the white lose a match to the promotion in Serie B against Mantova to 0-1.

The 1969-70 season marks the year of relegation in series D, finished with the promotion serially C occurred during the 1975-76 championship. From this moment begins a long 20 years of militancy among C1 and C2.

In the 1989-90 season finally takes the final abandonment of C2, with the stay of 10 consecutive years in C1.
During the 1998-99 championship the Siena you save a resounding during the play-out against Saronno: C1 stayed in because of better positioning n ranking because of the result of perfect equality during the dual challenge to networks inviolate.

In the 1991-92 season Siena conquest of the Coppa Italia final of the C series, beating Miami Mobilier, Pontedera, Poggibonsi, Cecina, Perugia, Ravenna, Fidelis Andria and Massese, but 1-1 tie against Sambenedettese and losing 2-1 the return.

The Siena in Serie A

In the 1999-00 season Siena aims high, and after a start of the championship in a central position in the ranking, is found in series B promoted with an invitation to advance in beating the San Donà home for 2-0.

Also in that magical year, the Siena won the Super Series C, overcoming the Crotone 1-0 tie after the development.
The next championship is finished in 13th place thus maintain stay in B. The league has 2001/02 miracle: the Siena is reflected immediately in the relegation zone, but thanks to a rediscovered China, reconfirmed after the exemption, the team takes down the last day of the championship, making 30 points in the last 13 matches .

The following year he was confirmed China and Siena is found in 2nd position at the end of the championship series is being promoted to the night of 24 May 2003, after a splendid victory Genoa 3-1 for the three days from the end. The maximum number is now a reality.

Serie A is now a certainty

For Siena it is time to reinforce the team in order to address adequately the championship series A. He does so with the purchase of Enrico Chiesa. The first result to reach the 3rd day of the tournament round with a crushing 4-0 victory against Empoli, with Church author of a triplet.

The Siena is able to reach the area and to reconfirm salvation for the 2005/06 championship, but the company is involved in investigations football-betting, however uscendone free and waging the new coach Luigi Simoni.

The championship is proving more difficult than expected and Siena certainly does not start successfully, with the team again catapulted into relegation zone, is so relieved and Simoni made to place new mister: Luigi De Canio, who manages to obtain salvation by winning 2-1 sull'Atalanta the last day of the championship.

Thus begins a long stay in A, with the team escape relegation for 4 consecutive years, being one of the companies downgraded ever in the history of the series on A single round along with Inter and Parma.